Case Studies

A Software House CRM Services


In order to increase the number of local clients per month for a software house, QA Solutions BPO targeted different businesses through calls and emails which resulted in the increase of the number of interested companies. A good ratio of these companies started doing business and the rest of them considered it for future reference which was a win-win.


QA Solutions BPO wanted to get in touch with the companies and to deliver them with all the services the client was offering. For that, QA Solutions BPO gathered the data for the concerned companies and contacted them through phone calls and emails, managed to make brochures, presentations etc for the companies to understand the services in a better way. Also, data mining was a part of this job as QA Solutions BPO wanted to target the kind of companies which should be requiring the services offered.


Getting in touch with these companies gave our client a tremendous chance to grow and expand as for the local market the customer services were a lot easier. In addition to it as the client got potential customers and a huge number of good references as well which gave them a boost.

  • 500% more leads per month.
  • Great increase in the referrals
  • Satisfied clients as they were called for feedback and proper solutions were provided.
  • After sales services resulted in up-sell of the product.
  • Instant feedback
  • Permanent growth